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Inspiring Seahawk spirit in Seattle

It appears the current Pacific Northwest color scheme is blue and green, due to the Seahawks blazing their way into the Super Bowl playoffs. From north to south and east to west are Seahawks hats, jerseys, sweatshirts, stickers, bags, flags, and pretty much anything else a fan with a plan can get a hold of.

12th Man flag flies from the Space Needle
Harry How / Getty Images

There are even giant “12s'” going up on businesses everywhere, and some are lighting up the evening skies with their fan-like-sportsman-like contributions. So in all this, there is much inspiration in the camaraderie of strangers rallying for their team, pride also in the fact that most of the players, through the media as we see them, seem like pretty decent guys, pride in fans making a name for themselves as fans, and most of all, a pride in winning.

Yes, it does come around to hoping for the win. It's fun to win, and probably makes all the blood, sweat, tears, and body paint all the more worth it.

So, with our “Hawks” lined up for the weekend, and as fans hope to inspire the team with “12th Man Spirit”; we can look to be inspired by their teamwork, hard work, and the thrill of watching it all lead to being the best of the best.

And though some of us may be naive enough to think that no matter how many tickets we sold to a California invasion, our Seattle boys could still wipe the field with 49er’ jerseys, GO SEAHAWKS!!

Nadia Riell is an editor and the author of "Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life-Perspectives on Love, Encouragement and Reaching Potential."

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