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Inspiring runners


From beginner to running mentor /
Photo courtesy of J. Stepman

Every runner has a story. Sharing our personal triumphs, disappointments and tips teaches and inspires others in the running community. As part of an ongoing series, individual runners with motivating stories will be highlighted.

Jessica's story
City:  New York
Number of years running:  2
Average number of weekly runs:  3
Average weekly mileage:  20ish
What got you into running?  Seeking sanity while going through a bad breakup.
First run: loved or hated it?  Loved it because I didn't feel I had to make any effort -- I just ran.
Worst running moment:  When I find myself thinking, "Why am I doing this?" and "When is it going to be over?"
Proudest running achievement:  Running a nine-mile race in the freezing cold in December when my longest distance before then was five miles.
When you don't feel like running... :  I tell myself that after my run I can reward myself with a big yummy brunch.
Current running goal:  Complete the ING NYC Marathon. No time goal yet but preparing with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training will help me cross the finish line.
Favorite local route:  The resevoir in Central Park and along the Hudson River by Battery Park City.
Running mantra/word or chant that keeps you moving?  Not really but I catch myself feeling proud of what I've accomplished and that pushes me to work even harder.


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