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Inspiring runners


That special I-crossed-the-finish-line smile. /
Photo: L. Orsini

Every runner has a story. Sharing our personal triumphs, disappointments and tips teaches and inspires others in the running community. As part of an ongoing series, individual runners with motivating stories will be highlighted.

Luz's story
How's this for inspiring: While training for her first marathon in 2009, Luz suffered a stress fracture that required she not run for almost two months! Luz's determination led her to develop a creative cross-training plan that included aquajogging -- and investing in a waterproof iPod case to make her water workouts less tedious. As a result, Luz recovered from her injury, maintained her fitness level, and crossed the finish line of the ING New York City Marathon that November. Way to go, Luz!

City:  New York
Number of years running:  1
Average number of weekly runs:  2 to 3.
Average weekly mileage:  8 to 10 miles.
What got you into running?  I had always wanted to run a marathon, so I signed up with a charity training team.
First run: loved or hated it?  I was intimidated since I wasn't a "runner" -- it was hard!
Worst running moment:  I got a stress fracture during a long marathon training run. Another time was when I didn't quite make it to the bathroom and wet my pants. I was mortified!
Longest amount of time an injury prevented you from running:  Eight weeks.
Proudest running achievement:  While I should say it was crossing the finish line of the 2009 ING NYC Marathon, it was actually about three weeks before that, when I ran my first 20-mile training run. I had never imagined I was capable of that. When I completed that run, I knew I could handle the marathon.
When you don't feel like running... :  I'm motivated by my running pal, Wendy.
Current running goal:  I'm training for a sprint triathlon so I want to get comfortable running six to eight miles.
Favorite local route:  The bridle path in Central Park.
Favorite cross-training activity:  Biking and aqua-jogging.
Running mantra/word or chant that keeps you moving?  I usually get a little snippet of a song in my head and I repeat that over and over.

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