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Inspiring movie, The Moleskin Diary, to be filmed in Winston Salem

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Winston Salem is known as the City of the Arts which includes everything from paintings to music and even a few movies. We are lucky enough to have another film coming to the area!

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The Moleskin Diaries will be filmed here in Winston Salem and is an inspiring story about how far someone will go for their family. This film centers on main character Adrian (played by British actor Jack Turner) who grew up as an orphan with his sister. As an adult he becomes a famous photographer living a party animal lifestyle with his girlfriend Liz (played by Julia Voth). His life gets turned upside down after the unexpected death of his sister, as he must sacrifice life as he knows it in order to keep his 9-year old niece, Maddy (played by Hannah Stock), out of a children's home. Any mother can relate to this story as we all want what is best for our children, even after we are gone!

Director Zach Brown, who currently lives in LA but is originally from Winston Salem, plans on returning to make this film here in Winston Salem. Brown states on the film being here in Winston Salem, “They say home is where your heart is. Well, that's definitely true with The Moleskin Diary. I couldn't be happier to be able to go back home, to my hometown and shoot my film. It's also really cool that Winston-Salem gets to, to a certain extent, play a character of sorts in the film”.

The actors are all equally excited about coming to Winston Salem to shoot this film and about this script.

“I'm excited about going back east to shoot The Moleskin Diary. I look forward to not only playing the role of Maddy, but getting back to my roots of ‘good old fashioned, Southern hospitality’ because I've never found anything like it." - Hannah Victoria Stock (plays the role of ‘Maddy’)

"I'm just really excited to be working in Winston-Salem. I've spent some time in Ashville and Waynesville, NC, and have heard so many great things about WS. It'll be a blast to be able to be there for a few weeks and get to experience the town!" - Jack Turner (plays the role of ‘Adrian’)

"I was excited about The Moleskin Diary as soon as I read the script. I love how much heart the story has and it makes so much sense that it will be shooting in Zach's hometown of Winston-Salem, NC because I know that's so close to his heart. I'm looking forward to visiting NC for my first time and to have the opportunity to work alongside such a talented cast and crew!" - Gina Comparetto (plays the role of ‘Sophie’)

While the main parts are cast there are still several supporting roles, extras and crew that will be needed for the film, bringing a great opportunity to Winston Salem for those here that want to pursue the entertainment industry. Winston Salem Mayor Allen Joines commented on this film coming to the area, “The film industry is a very important part of Winston Salem economic recovery. These films result in significant spending in our local economy and help to create jobs. Winston Salem is very honored to have this new film, The Moleskin Diary, being shot here in our community.”

In order for this movie to happen here in Winston Salem they must raise their budget first. They are asking for people to pledge any amount to help fund this movie, but for only $10 you can pre-order your copy of The Moleskin Diary. Those who chose to do this will receive a digital download of the film one week BEFORE it’s released! There are different levels to pledge at and each one earns you a cool reward, including rewards such as, video chats with the cast, one of the actual Moleskin Diaries used in the movie, or even a shout out in the credits of the film. Best of all, 10% of all profits will go towards a charity to help orphaned children.

For more information on the cast, film, to pre-order your copy of the film or make a pledge visit Don’t forget to ‘like’ them on Facebook at or follow on Twitter @moleskindiary.