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Inspired by special needs kids and their parents

Parents of children with special-needs, take heart. You and your kids accomplish far more than you think you have sometimes, and in ways that you would never have expected. Take the example of singer/songwriter, Griffin Anthony, who says “When I was in school, I interned at a school for children with special needs and worked for the State of Florida; I was greatly influenced by those children and their parents, it is a large part of who I am.”

Choreographer Laura Montgomery says “We were all inspired by being surrounded by nature, students playing soccer and people walking around campus. My cast has been awesome at exploring movement with me and later we will explore movement inspired by special needs children. I currently teach an adaptive dance class and have been inspired by the way these children move with their different disabilities. Though they perform the movement differently than I do, it is beautiful to see them making mini-breakthroughs.”

Rusty Melnick, Vice President of the Miracle League of East Alabama, which provides great joy to an amazing array of great kids; says “Everybody deserves to play baseball, and of course this was inspired by special-needs children needing to have the same opportunities as everybody else.” Their Billy Hitchcock Miracle Field is specially-designed and padded to reduce risk of injury among the players.

Marney P is a babysitter who works with special needs children in an organization called Unified Sports, which is run through Special Olympics Connecticut. She says “My mother is an occupational therapist, and I have been inspired by special needs children for my entire life. Since 7th grade (2004), I have spent hours daily with students in my school with special needs. I have developed several amazing relationships with these students and multiple teachers have commented on my natural ways with the kids.”

Mark Schoenbein, who spent a quarter of a century teaching, initially started college with the intention of become a special education teacher. He was inspired by special needs kids he helped on a volunteer basis while completing his Navy service. Although he changed his major and started on a completely different career path, he eventually returned to his true calling as a teacher due to his love for children.

Artist Jacqueline Diane Roller has a collection of toy ducks which she says were inspired by special needs kids that she worked with over the summer.

So you see, just being who you are and living your everyday life may prove to be a huge inspiration to others. Never think that your contribution is insignificant. It’s not: you matter. Give yourself a big pat on the back, you deserve it!

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