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Inspired by snow: Arts and crafts

Winter still has another month left in season and that means that opportunities abound for more snow. Although many people have tired of the cold and icy weather, snow can and does produce a unique beauty to landscapes. Hence, although snow can be annoying it is also a source of inspiration for many artists.

All the snow on the ground is actually small snowflakes piled together.
All the snow on the ground is actually small snowflakes piled together.
Andrew Burton/Getty Images
Every snowman is made up of thousands of snowflakes!
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

There are several arts and crafts that are inspired by snow but one of the most classic are paper snowflakes. Paper snowflakes are incredibly easy to make and they can be created quickly. Hence, they are excellent crafts to do with small children. Best of all, this craft requires only few low-cost items.


• White paper
• Scissors (ones with a dull blade are best used when working with younger children)
• Glitter (optional)
• Rhinestones (optional)
• Elmer’s glue (optional—only required if using glitter and rhinestones)


• Fold a piece of paper diagonally so it looks like a triangle. Then fold that triangle into a smaller triangle.
• Fold one corner of the completely folded triangular paper down to the left center line.
• Overlap the back flap so you have two overlapping triangles with two pointed edges at the bottom.
• Cut off the pointed edge at the bottom to create a rough isosceles triangle.
• Make small triangular cuts into both sides of the paper.
• Keep making small triangular cuts around your paper triangle so that bits of paper are falling out of it.
• Open the paper to reveal a delicate looking snowflake design!

By making several of these snowflakes you can hang them from the ceiling to create a winter wonderland effect or even use them as Christmas tree decorations to use next year. There are more than one way to create these snowflakes (see video) but the fun to be had by engaging this art project will be memorable to children and a great way for homeschoolers to add art into their curriculum.

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