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Inspired in a dark place; Raii & Whitney Keaton create 'No Worries (Step Clap)'

Raii & Whitney Keaton "No Worries (Step Clap)" [photo courtesy of Raii & Whitney Keaton; used with permission]
Raii & Whitney Keaton "No Worries (Step Clap)" [photo courtesy of Raii & Whitney Keaton; used with permission]
Raii & Whitney Keaton, No worries Step Clap

Husband and wife duo, Raii & Whitney Keaton turned a bleak situation into a victory chant. Their new single “No Worries (Step Clap)” inspires one to shout while going through the storm. Raii & Whitney Keaton shares the importance of communication between couples, their working relationship and their new music in an interview Wednesday, Aug. 13.

Nowadays it's unheard of a couple working together in harmony. On the road, traveling abroad and living everyday seeing the same face, Raii & Whitney Keaton are a living testimony of a married couple in a harmonious working relationship. Sure, they have disagreements, but they have made the “choice to be mature” and work through their situations. As Raii put it so eloquently, “Patience doesn't come through the mailbox. UPS does not deliver graciousness... All those moments that could either make or break a relationship, we really ask God to allow us to learn from them. So we could have the strong foundation and move forward. ”

The key to their successful marriage and working relationship has been constant prayer. “One of the things that keeps us in a balance space is that we literally do pray a lot. It's kind of counterproductive to pray and still hold on to grudges. Or, to believe God to do somethings, but then expect God to overlook things that we don't do that we should do, as it relates to being patient with one another and being gracious to one another. Or, we ask God to elevate our careers and meet the right people, but we don't know how to communicate and talk with one another,” says Raii.

Whitney adds, “What you put out is what you get out of it. You truly have to fight to be gracious. You truly have to fight to be gracious, even when you want to go there... It's challenging... We both have different perspectives on how we look at every single thing. The bulk of the relationship is the communication. A lot of decisions can't be made and a lot of peace can't be had without us understanding each others perspective first. It's not even that we agree on everything, it's just the fact I just want to understand where you're coming from... Communication eleviates that gray area. That is what helps us to be able to enjoy the blessing of us working together.”

Their new single “No Worries (Step Clap)” was born during a time when both, Raii and Whitney, had hit a dry season in their careers. The lyrics, “You've been fighting. Fight on. You've been trying. Keep on. Don't you let them dim your light. Shine on. Shine on through the night. And we say, no worries we'll get through it all. Oh, no worries we'll get through it all.” were penned to encourage themselves and now they want to inspire the world with the same words.

Through bouts of unemployment, God has blessed Raii & Whitney Keaton to write, create, pay for studio time and purchase CDs. Thursday, Aug. 14, Raii & Whitney Keaton will debut their new single “No Worries (Step Clap)” in Champaign, IL, which is Whitney's hometown. Pre-order their single now on iTunes. The official release date is Aug. 19.

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