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"INSPIRE" now on Amazon

This past week a book was released on Amazon, "INSPIRE." This is a collection of over twenty women who have lived through some of life's toughest challenges and have come out of those situations and shared their stories. This book is one of the most encouraging and inspirational reads for anyone in a stuck place. It shows that hope prevails and the resilience that lies within the human spirit is so powerful. Check out this collection of inspirational stories and see how twenty five women went from surviving to thriving! Women in this book have come together from all across the country to share their moments of deepest struggles and sometimes heartaches in hopes that this may encourage other women to press on and through the current situations they are facing. Over a year in the making and planning and it is officially for sale this week!

You do not want to miss what this book has to offer as you flip through and personally get an inside look into each of these remarkable women's lives and trials they have had to go through.The book is dedicated for women everywhere whose accomplishments will influence others and make a difference in the world.

Check out some of the book reviews and endorsements:

" The wonderful stories of this book are a must read for every woman who wants to be energized,renewed,and inspired to move in a positive direction to becoming all she can be." -Donna Stewart

"Inspire is a powerful anthology of inspirational stories shared by amazing women who have found their path to success. It is a must read for all who dream of making a difference."- Lillie Leonardi

"Compelling. Real.Heart-felt. Inspiring.These powerful essays are emblazoned with the physical and emotional challenges, conflicts,fears,and victories that embody what it is to be a woman." - Debra Boulanger

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