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Inspire healthy changes and weight loss naturally

Losing weight naturally helps one feel free.
Losing weight naturally helps one feel free.
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While no one disputes the fact that obesity is prevalent in the United States, many Americans continue to try different weight loss methods to shed those extra pounds, sometimes to no avail. Figures released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in January 2010 state that 32.2 percent of adult men and 35.5 percent adult women are overweight or obese. In addition, from the years1960-1962 and 2005-2006, obesity increased from 13.4 to 35.1 percent in adults, 20 to 74.7 years of age. The proportion of Americans who are overweight and obese has more than doubled.

What has caused this significant increase in weight gain?

According to Dr. Dallas Clouatre, Ph.D., a well-established author and consultant in the alternative, complementary medicine and nutrition fields, and member of the American College of Nutrition, “Modern diets typically contain refined carbohydrates, especially sugars. These diets increase the storage of consumed fats and calories, while at the same time preventing the utilization of stored and consumed fats for energy. This results in an elevated release of insulin, leading to lessened meal satiety, poor regulation of appetite—and weight gain.”

What can be done to reverse this problem?

Be sure to eat low-glycemic foods, (vegetables in place of bread, rice, etc.); increase your fiber intake; and eat foods with higher protein content. “This is definitely a healthy start,” said Registered Dietician, Julie Ceyhan of St. Francis Hospital, Manhasset. Another more recent find in promoting natural weight loss is a new, safe, and all-natural product called AllDaySlim, a supplement containing Assam fruit extract from the Assam Gelugur family of sour fruits. Assam Gelugar was successfully used for centuries in Malaysia in cooking; as a flavoring and to preserve; and as an herbal medicine. The active ingredient in the fruit is its acid which helps in weight loss.

After research performed at both the Universiti Putra Malaysia and the Forest Research Institute in Malaysia, their findings confirmed that Assam fruit acts as an appetite suppressor and has the capacity to reduce blood lipid levels, important in protecting against elevated levels of blood fats, which could lead to cardiovascular disease. AllDaySlim improved sleep, encouraged less dependency on caffeine, and produced loss of inches around the waist, hip, and thigh areas. People participating in a recent study, who ranged in weight from 296 pounds to 120 pounds and had a variety of dietary goals, including weight loss, appetite suppression, improvement in health, increased energy, and reduction in body fat, had positive comments about the use of the supplement.

While use of any supplement is not intended to replace meals, this product has been proven to be a safe and highly-effective product that promotes natural weight loss. The difference between AllDaySlim and other weight loss products is that it does not contain any green tea extract, found in other dietary supplements and used to increase energy. It consists solely of Assam Fruit extract and orange peel oil, all natural ingredients.

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  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Fiber is such a key element to being healthy, especially for lowering cholesterol. Thanks for offering practical solutions. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice, one that can be easy if people take the little bit of extra time to make healthier choices.

  • Monique Muro 4 years ago

    Great article, Karen! Thanks for posting!

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