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Inspirational ideas to redecorate the home

redecorating a room
redecorating a room
Hey Paul Studios,

When you first get into a new place, whether it be an apartment or house, you decorate to your style. This can be with items you already own or a few pieces you bought for your new home. After awhile, it can get tiring to look at the same decor time and time again. If you're starting to get that itch to redecorate but need some inspiration, look to these places for ideas. And most of all, take your time and decorate slowly. No need to drastically change your home overnight.

YouTube Videos

If you are the type that wants to see and hear about how something is done, then YouTube is for you. Search for anything you are curious about to redecorate your home. For example, if you're into a nautical theme, search "nautical design for the home" or something similar. There are literally thousands of videos on every theme you can think of and many are uploaded by enthusiastic people that want to show you how to achieve the same look in your own home.


You may already be on Pinterest and following several boards. If you're not already and the idea overwhelms you, then go in with only one goal in mind and stick to that. If you're looking to redecorate you bathroom, then do a search on "bathroom ideas on a budget" for example and pin what you like. Start small and no need to get overwhelmed. Think of this as your virtual board for images that inspire you.


Most pins on Pinterest come from blogs. But you can bypass Pinterest all together and just Google for blogs on home redecoration. If you are on a budget, be sure to indicate that in your search. There's also several blogs out there dedicated to home decorating ideas that use only Dollar Tree, yard sale and thrift store items.

Have fun redecorating!

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