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Inspiration from the world of wrestling--Rohan Murphy

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For some reason, wrestling seems to be a source of inspiring stories. Perhaps it's because of the sports inherent work ethic, or perhaps the sport attracts those already possessed of a strong work ethic. Either way, it's produced some amazing people.

Rohan Murphy lost his legs when he was four years old, an event that would end most people's athletic careers before they even started. Instead, Murphy became a successful Division I wrestler, and a paralympic medal winning powerlifter.

No doubt there were many people who told Murphy that his desire to compete was a hopeless one. Who believed that because he lacked legs, that he was incapable of achieving success in competition, or even being physically active. Murphy could have listened to the nay-sayers. Instead, he chose to be a success.

Take the time to watch these videos. Then stop making excuses, and go get out to the gym. If Rohan can do it, you certainly can.


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