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Inspiration from a Seven-Year-Old Social Entreprenuer

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young author
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Anika Villancenzio,7 has written, illustrated and published three books this year. Her most recent is a nonfiction bi-lingual story called How They Started Makarios.

It tells the true story of how a woman who lives in Austin built a school in the Dominican Republic for underserved children and then, later with a partner opened Dominican Joe, a coffee bar in Austin that supports the school. Anika's book was released at annual fundraiser for Makarios where she sold and signed her beautifully illustrated book Anika is donating fifty percent of the profits back to Makarios; the other 50% will be placed in a college fund for her. You can buy her book here.

I coached Anika as she completed her last book and she has inspired me to be more focused and deliberate writer and better businesswoman. She and the other 64 children I have worked with at this year have also taught me if we expect more from children, they will deliver more.

They all give me hope for our future - they are the future.