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Inspiration at your fingertips

"Inspiration" folder on my computer desktop

As mentioned in “Help yourself to photography”, one of the ways to improve your photography skills is to start looking at other people’s work.

Some great discussions from groups on suggest an “Inspiration Folder” to keep poses, composition, and post-processing ideas at your fingertips.

Here are some ways to keep your photographic inspirations ready for use:

  • Keep an electronic folder on your computer and label it “Inspiration.” Make sure it’s visible or readily available so that you can add to it the moment you see an image that you appreciate.
  • Store some printed copies of your favorite poses in your camera bag to look through before you start shooting for the day to help your creative juices flow.
  • Upload the images to your mp3 or portable media player so you can scroll through them easily.
  • Add a “favorites” folder in your web browser called “Inspiration” to quickly navigate to those websites, blogs, or photographs that have won you over.
  • If you find that you have a large amount of “Inspiration” building up, you can also start to make a sub-folder for every type of photograph (i.e. portraits, landscapes).

Be cautious. Don’t let your creativity be limited by your “Inspirations.” Work to make each photograph you take your own.


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