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Insomniac talks 'Sunset Overdrive': Co-op, customization, Fizzco and nighttime

Ready for some Sunset?
Ready for some Sunset?
Permission to use photo given by Microsoft

Sunset Overdrive recently dropped a load of information via the gameplay videos we saw as well as interviews. There's still so much more to learn about the Sunset Overdrive including things like co-op, customization and more. Fortunately for you, we've been keeping an eye out for new details surrounding the game and have a good bit to explain now.

Co-op has been a growing trend for games on the PS4 and Xbox One as of late and it looks like Sunset Overdrive will emphasize co-op in the game. "Yes, there will be online co-op multiplayer. It’s actually a big part of the game. We’re not talking about it just yet, however. But, we’re really excited to show it off," Insomniac said.

We expect Insomniac to go deeper into detail about Sunset Overdrive's co-op at E3 in June. Customization has been something people have wondered about as well as to what degree it will be implemented into the game.

Later in the mailbox Q&A, Insomniac gave a few examples of the type of customization that players will see when Sunset Overdrive drops later this year.

"You can pretty much customize the look of your character to be whatever you want. Play as Male or Female, both with full voice acting. Choose from different body sizes and races.

"And don’t forget that the clothing items (which there are TONS of) are completely equipable by anyone. So, if you want to be a dude in a skirt – go for it. It’s the awesomepocalypse. Wear what you want," Insomniac said.

Do you know the history of Fizzco? Insomniac decided to explain a bit of the back story behind the energy drink company and said they first arrived to Sunset City not too far from now in the future.

"Technically they didn’t 'take-over.' Before Fizzco moved their HQ to Sunset City in 2015, the city was pretty much in an economic slump.

"But, Fizzco brought a lot of jobs for people and, in a way, became the lifeblood of Sunset City. It brought the city back to prominence, so naturally it became deeply rooted within it," Insomniac said.

The game demos we have seen thus far have shown the game during the daytime, but will we be able to traverse around the world of Sunset Overdrive during the nighttime?

Insomniac did say there will be some nighttime gameplay, but Sunset Overdrive won't implement it in the way you might expect.

"No, not in the sense that as you play the passing of real time changes the time of day in the game. There will be parts of the game that take place at night, yes, but if you are just strutting around the city for a while – the time of day doesn’t change," Insomniac said.

Sunset Overdrive is setting up to launch exclusively on the Xbox One later this year. Expect much more to be revealed at E3 2014. Our exclusive with Insomniac will be going up at the end of next week.

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