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Insomniac on Sunset Overdrive humor: Expect anything & everything to be a target

Humor in a game isn't always the easiest thing to convey. It's an art to be able to do so, and Sunset Overdrive is looking to capture unique humor of their own through various versions of satire and parody. Insomniac Games has had a history of being entertaining, but Sunset Overdrive looks like a new direction for the studio's comedy.

Ready for this?
Ready for this?
Permission to use photo given by Microsoft
Ready for some Sunset?
Permission to use photo given by Microsoft

From burgers, to energy drinks, Sunset Overdrive looks to be taking aim at plenty in this new game. In an exclusive interview with Sunset Overdrive Creative Director Marcus Smith, he spoke about the satire and comedy we'll be seeing in Sunset Overdrive, as well as whether or not they'll leave any subjects off limits.

"Uh… all of them? We’re in the middle of the 'mash-up' era, a time when pop culture is EVERYWHERE, thanks to the Internet. It’s a time when a kid in Djibouti has easy access to every K-pop album, or a librarian in Oslo can learn the fine art of Twerking. It’s glorious and terrifying, but pop culture and consumerism are everywhere around us. It’s also an era where Marketing is more and more scientific.

"The result is that we’re all seeing the same messages over and over again. So, in Sunset Overdrive, you’ll see parody everywhere. From using sex to sell hamburgers (looking at you, Carls Jr.), to using guilt to sell jewelry. Fizzco is the name of the giant, multinational corporation in the game who creates Overcharge, the energy drink that turns everyone into mutants, and they own everything.

"It almost seems dystopian until you consider companies like Unilever (or Proctor & Gamble, or Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Kraft, etc), who in real life are selling you peanut butter, popsicles and AXE body-spray! In short, satirizing consumer culture is fertile soil, so expect anything and everything to be a target," Smith said.

We've seen plenty of games try and force comedy on players, but from what we've seen of Sunset Overdrive, the humor seems to be more pointed at a person's discretion and attention. With humor being such an emphasized point in Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac will have their work cutout for them. Humor is a very unique thing for everyone, so we'll see how well it is translated into gameplay and cutscenes.

We do not yet have a release date for Sunset Overdrive, nor do we have details on the game's multiplayer mode, but we expect plenty of those pieces of information to surface at E3 2014. Stay tuned as we have plenty more to share with you for Sunset Overdrive.