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Insomniac discusses weapons and melee in 'Sunset Overdrive'

Ready for some Sunset?
Ready for some Sunset?
Permission to use photo given by Microsoft

Sunset Overdrive has been getting weekly updates on its main game page and today we have some more news and details to share with you regarding the game's weapons and melee. Insomniac is probably best known for its creative and unique weapon arsenal, so we fully expect some more awesome weirdness to be involved with Sunset Overdrive's weapons.

While we've heard about a few weapons that will be in Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac Games Community Manager Brandon Winfrey shared some more information about a couple weapons that seem to be items players will need to be focused on.

"We set the bar pretty high for ourselves going into Sunset [Overdrive]. We want to create the best arsenal we've ever done. High-Fidelity, what makes this weapon great is its ricochet, which creates the possibility of doing tons of damage to multiple enemies. It can lodge itself in one enemy, but more often than not, it's going to bounce off them and sail toward the next. The randomness and possibilities of each ricochet is what makes this weapon fun, plus at a high style level, the records turn gold.

"The TNT-Teddy is great for taking for taking out large packs of enemies. It has a generous damage radius, so even the guys in the outskirts of the blast are still going to feel the effect. It can also be shot a surprisingly long way, it has a nice arc, so if you're grind and you fire it up in the air, it can actually hit enemies a few blocks away. Sometimes you even get to see a teddy bear face in the explosion," Winfrey said.

Moving on from weapons, the melee system of Sunset Overdrive looks like it will also have some nice variation to it, depending on how wild you take your play style. Winfrey briefly talked about the melee system and said players will be able to customize it further with amps.

"Melee is only on one button, but you can augment it with amps. You can [also] do massive ground slams and even melee while grinding. While there isn't a combo system for melee per-say, it is heavily customizable," Winfrey said.

While we do not have a release date for Sunset Overdrive quite yet, Insomniac Games should be sharing that information in the next few weeks, perhaps at E3 2014? This is one of Microsoft's big Xbox One exclusives for 2014 and we can't wait to see more of it.

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