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Insomniac discusses setup and weapons inside Sunset Overdrive's Amusement Park

What do you think about Sunset Overdrive?
What do you think about Sunset Overdrive?
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Who wants to go for a ride? Well, in Sunset Overdrive, you can go for a ride all over the place. One of the most intriguing, fun looking places in Sunset City has got to be the amusement park. This guy is ripe with rich opportunities to create havoc and memorable gameplay moments. had the chance to find out more specific details about what exactly is in and around the Sunset Overdrive theme park. Drew Murray, who is the game director on Sunset Overdrive, spoke with us about the setup and weapons that can be found in Sunset Overdrive's amusement park.

"[We have this amusement park] and have a lot of fun things you can interact with as if it is an actual midway. This is our Pandora’s box trap, which will shoot out pick axes and little garden gnomes if you jump off the top of it. They’ll run around and help you defeat enemies.

"We have all of these beautiful, colorful balloons that you can bounce on and also shoot to detonate, damage to enemies and spray out a beautiful bunch of confetti. [We have] the pyro-geyser that if you jump on this pinball bumper, it shoots up a pyrotechnic show sort of like it’s from a Kiss rock show.

"[There is] the Test of Strength weapon, that if you hammer down and ring the bell, it’ll electrify and shock any nearby enemies. If you found the Comet Rocket, the rockets will launch off and shoot toward nearby enemies, detonate and destroy pieces of the environment," Murray said.

Getting to see the amusement park in action was a thrill. The amount of variety and diversity in the interactive environmental elements is mouthwatering. From explosive balloons to the Test of Strength, Sunset Overdrive's amusement park is one we'll pay to go to.

Insomniac has been striking some great cords when it comes to talking about Sunset Overdrive. The amount of unique content in this game is so refreshing, as is their desire to work closely with the community on post-launch content. Hopefully all of the ambition Insomniac has for this game will be met when it comes time to launch Sunset Overdrive.

Speaking of launch, Sunset Overdrive will be launching exclusively for the Xbox One on Oct. 28. This will be the first open-world venture for Insomniac.

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