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Insomnia VGC's August UMvC3 tournament

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The final summer tournament held at Insomnia VGC this past Saturday was none other than Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Since the Marvel vs Capcom 3 series has come out, it has clearly been the most popular fighting game in the US scene asides from the Street Fighter 4 series. After a solid season so far in 2014, Boost Jan Del Rio looked to continue his run of success following a 3rd place finish at Texas Showdown and a top 8 performance at Evo 2014. Standing in his way were Final Round top 8 finisher AJ Tucker, previous Insomnia champions Gene "Buckethead" Flowers and JDog, and out of town competitor Pikachu.

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Matches in the early rounds went as expected with all the heavy favorites advancing. The first marque matchup was Jan vs JDog, but Jan would go on to a romping 3-0 victory. AJ, Gene, and Pikachu would also advance with Jan to the winners bracket semifinals. Jan dispatched of AJ 3-1, while Gene survived 3-2 over Pikachu. Gene then went on to take down Jan 3-1 in the winners final.

Over in the losers bracket, O.Red, Tarzan, Cam, and Wesnile made strong runs to the top 10, but were all eliminated to tie for 9th. Roman defeated Jdog, and WeeGee eliminated Big Chris, placing them tied for 7th. Roman then lost to Pikachu, meanwhile WeeGee swept AJ to tie them for 5th. WeeGee's run would end to Pikachu in the next round to place him 4th. Jan finally eliminated the crazy Thor/X23/Rocket Raccoon team of Pikachu to place him 3rd. In the grand finals, Jan raced to an early 2-0 lead before Gene fought back to tie it at 2 all, but a fatal mistake early in the match cost Gene the chance to close it our and Jan reset the bracket 3-2. In the second set, Jan raced to an early 2-0 lead again, Gene tried to fight back, but it would be too late and Boost Jan took the title. Congratulations to Jan for winning UMvC3 at Insomnia! This Saturday, Insomnia is hosting tournaments for BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma and Under Night In Birth Exe: Late!