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Insomnia VGC moves to the Heights

Insomnia moves to the Heights
Insomnia moves to the HeightsInsomnia VGC

Since this past Sunday, Insomnia VGC has been closed. No, Insomnia did not close down like previous gaming venues like Monsters Arcade or the Tilt in the Galleria. Instead, owner Chris Unclebach decided to go ahead and move his business to a more central location in the Heights. Now you can find your PVC toys and other memorabilia at their new location on 724 W 19th St.

But don't go yet, Insomnia's first day to reopen won't be until this Saturday. This is also not their Grand Opening. With all the hectic moving and setting up, as well as being involved with Texas Showdown in April, it appears that the big party to celebrate the new locale will be later down the line.

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