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Insightful Divinations for 2010 Business Technology Trends


Windows 7 - We will finally bid so long to Windows XP as the default small business desktop operating system and say hello to Windows 7.

Apple Products – I know that this is not much of a divination so let’s get it out of the way. I think this is the year that the iPhone, initially a consumer market product, will penetrate the business market with its improved Microsoft Exchange integration  and also because many parents want to be as cool as their kids.  Apple’s iTouch is even turning up as a business personal organizer of sorts with memo, email and map features.

More Apple Products - Also, expect some iPhone “killer apps” for business. Here is an idea for what a killer iPhone App could be: an iPhone app that interfaces with a Medical Records Management System at a hospital.

Google - Google's offerings in mapping, earth surveillance, navigation and GPS integration are set to become business staples. 

But wait, there is more Apple stuff folks.  It seems that Apple’s soon to be out tablet will just not be a Kindle in Apple clothing. Rumors are that it will have abilities similar to a laptop including a full-fledged office application similar to Microsoft Office.
Book Readers - The Kindle and its slew of competitors and slates (tablet PCs without keyboards) should start appearing everywhere. Why read paper books when you can go digital and get free books from Google, resize text as required and write notes in the margins. Do try before you buy. See if the resolution and refresh rate suits your reading speed and consider that slates and tablet PC can view many more book formats than dedicated book readers. You can probably buy a less expensive unit if all you wish to do is read books on it.

GPS - GPS gadgets are all around us. I expect that 2010 will see much more GPS use, beyond tracking vehicle fleets, railroad cars, cell phones, pets and kids. Perhaps we will see the beginning of mainstreaming the GPS tracking of packages.  In any event, proliferation of GPS devices will lower GPS chip cost.  I expect to see an entry level GPS navigator for $49 in 2010.

Other Small Business Innovations to look forward to in 2010:  Windows Mobile 7, 4G cellular networks, and the rise of Android apps for business.



Buckaroo Banzai - "No matter where you go, there you are. "


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