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Insider tips for RV park reservations

Every time RV travelers save money on the cost of a night’s stay at an RV park, their budgets for sightseeing, dining out, and luxury purchases expand. Yet many pay more money for RV sites than they need to. Do you?

Here are three insider tips to help you make sure you are spending only what you need to spend for the RV site you prefer. Before you make a reservation:

1. Check the RV park’s website for specials available only for reservations made via the Internet.
All sorts of specials are posted on RV park websites. Three nights for the price of two. Discounts for reserving 28 days ahead. "Name your price" offers for last minute reservations.

Don’t assume that just because you are a member of the park’s organization you will be told about special deals through other means of communication. In most cases, you need to take the initiative of checking individual RV park websites for yourself.

2. Always ask if the RV park gives discounts for members of the organizations you belong to.

This question can save you 10%, 15% or even 50%. So ask. The fact that an RV park offers discounts does not mean they volunteer that information.

RV parks have different policies about sharing this information. Some RV parks ask you at the time you make your reservation if you are a member of specific organization. If you are, they tell you how much of a discount you will get. Other RV parks have the policy of “don’t tell unless asked.” And others offer discounts but don’t have a policy about how to inform guests. Sometimes they mention the discount; sometimes they don’t.

To make sure you get full benefit of your memberships, ask this question before you make a reservation.

3. Ask for the full price when you call about reservations.

This eliminates surprises at check-in and helps you budget for your travels. If you are making a decision between staying at RV Park X or RV Park Y and the final decision comes down to price, finding out the full price becomes even more important.

When asked for prices, some parks quote the base rate – the price before taxes, extras (such as additional people and pets) and other fees. The full price you pay can easily increase 10 percent with these adders.

These three tips will help you minimize your RV site fees, free up funds for other amenities, and make your travels even more enjoyable.


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