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NY Hair Stylist
Jenny Balding

Why do hairstylists always have the best hair? Perfect cut, shiny color, never oily, bouncy blow-dry or sophisticated up-do?

As a stylist for 18+ years, NYC Cutler/Redken Stylist Jenny Balding shares her personal insider tips and tricks:

1- How often do you wash your hair?

I have a decent amount of fine textured hair so I usually need a shampoo every second day.

2- Which shampoo, conditioner & products do you use?

I love Redken’s Body Full as it is excellent for fine hair – it doesn't weigh hair down and the conditioner is just perfect to use throughout the mid-length to ends of my hair. The roots don't need conditioning so I gain longevity.

3- What is the trick to knowing of how often to wash your hair?

Usually try not to wash your hair until it becomes too oily at the roots for you to manage. Some people have very fine hair and it does not need to be shampooed every day – using a volumizing shampoo is a must in this case and just apply a little conditioner to ends only to create as much bounce as possible throughout your hair.

4- What is your go-to style & why?
My hair responds best with lots of texture and movement throughout. I give my shoulder length hair lots of texture for maximum volume – I want my style to be as effortless as possible, as I do for my clients.

5- How do you achieve the perfect blow-dry on yourself?
My texture (straight with fine/medium body) responds best to air-drying. Then once it is 90% dry, I blow-dry a little volume through the top sections. Usually without product, but if I do want amp up the volume it is with Redken guts 10 volume spray foam – it really is excellent for us fine haired ladies!

6- Which question do clients ask you often about your own hair?
The question I get asked most about my hair is how does it look much thicker than it is. The simple answer is having the best-tailored haircut for your texture, great color to create dimension, which gives the illusion of more and really good shampoo and conditioner.

These tricks will help you avoid bad hair days and achieve a suitable hair style.

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