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Inside view from an interview with the President of Breast Cancer Fund

Breast Cancer Fund President and CEO, Jean Rizzo’s interview with Heather Smith of Grist Magazine, Inc. is outlined in her Tuesday, January 21, 2014 article, How looking for cancer’s causes became a political act. It’s amazing how Jean Rizzo’s career evolved as stated in this article quote: “How does real political change happen? Jeanne Rizzo has spent decades figuring that out — but not along any typical route. First a psychiatric nurse, then a concert hall manager and film, music, and theater producer, she gradually became more and more involved in the Breast Cancer Fund — a national nonprofit that is unusual in focusing on investigating what causes breast cancer rather than how to cure it.”

The article provides an inside view of how she got involved from the beginning, moving from the music industry to breast cancer prevention advocacy and the day to day and behind the scenes work required to be a mouthpiece for this underfunded and often ignored cause. Breast Cancer Fund’s focus is on prevention, getting to the root of its cause by reducing environmental risk factors rather than after-the-fact, early detection and treatment. The interview provides some interesting insight into the origins of the early detection and treatment movement, who was involved and why it is currently funded over prevention.

In her responses to specific questions, other information came to light:

  • Which female politician was involved early on and why?
  • What puberty has to do with environmental issues?
  • How these two questions factor in what issues she prioritizes: “What do I really want?” “What can I get?”
  • What bill she withdrew support and why?

If you are interested in breast cancer prevention or cure causes, this article is worth the time to peer into the prevention side from another vantage point.

The video highlights occupations that have been found to have increased breast cancer diagnoses due to environmental risk factors. The articles recommended below are about the work of the Breast Cancer Fund.

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