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2014 Winter Olympics

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Inside track to Sochi 2014 Olympics news online at

All Aboard for Sochi 2014 on!
All Aboard for Sochi 2014 on!
Max Donner

If you can’t wait for the 2014 Winter Olympics, you can see the excitement snowball online at, the international site of Russia’s foreign language news broadcaster, RT. The “Russia Today” site’s multiple formats combine news updates, photo collections, videos, blogs, and forums. The site features the brand new winter sports facilities that will host Olympic test events this winter. And its local perspective can be helpful for Olympic visitors to plan to get the most out of their Olympic and Paralympics experiences in 2014. The site also offers very affordable banner ads that are an excellent medium for reaching the most dedicated winter sports fans. Traffic has doubled to over 18 million page views per month in the past three years. sprinted forward in the competition for global viewers last November with an exclusive interview of Prince Albert II of Monaco, Vice President of the International Olympic Committee. Prince Albert II is also Chairman of the organization “Peace and Sport” which held the sixth Peace and Sport International Forum in Sochi last November. This provided a timely opportunity for to interview the influential sports organization leader, who highlighted the ways that sports unite people around the world and promote peace. He praised sports as “a great force to bring people together” and “the great values of sport -- tolerance, friendship and the need to surpass yourself to be a competitor.” As the leader of one of the world’s most popular sports travel destinations, Monaco, Prince Albert II observed the substantial progress that Sochi has made in expanding its own facilities for hosting world class sports events.

The Ski Jump World Cup and figure skating Grand Prix finals in December 2012 focused world attention on Sochi as a winter sports travel destination. This year more worldwide winter sports competitions will follow. Highlights include the FIC Cross Country Skiing World Cup January 27 to February 4, the FIS Snowboard and Snow Cross World Cup events February 7 to 20, the IPS Nordic Combined January 30 to February 4, the FIL Luge World Cup February 18 to 24, and the IPC Ski World Cup finals March 6 to 12. The full list is online at this link. readers can preview the impressive Iceberg Skating Palace in Sochi, the “GorSki Winter Sports Complex" and the all new high speed rail line linking the resorts in coastal Sochi with mountain ski resorts 48 kilometers from the city center. The site also provided a report about this important news for Olympic travelers -- “accommodation prices will remain frozen from January 1, 2013 till July 1, 2014. Standard single rooms will cost $95 and Double rooms will cost $150. The site also has links for learning Russian language to get more out of a visit to Olympic test events this winter or Sochi 2014.

Advertising on has an unusual advantage for sports equipment and sports travel sales organizations. The reader base is four-fifths male, similar to many amateur sports publications, but a much higher percentage than other news sites. Online advertising rates start at just nine dollars per thousand impressions for a banner ad. So business can reach an audience of one million Sochi 2014 fans for under one-thousand dollars!

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