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Inside the ‘Social Media War Room’ of a viral Kickstarter campaign

This April the documentary “Rewind to Fast-Forwardlaunched a Kickstarter campaign to coincide with Child Abuse Prevention Month. Successful crowdfunding will allow director Sasha Joseph Neulinger to tell his story as a survivor of multi-generational sexual abuse.

‘The first week on Kickstarter’
‘The first week on Kickstarter’
“Rewind to Fast-Forward” on Kickstarter goes viral

Designer and campaign manager Avela Grenier laid the groundwork for the Kickstarter by creating a clean, uniform look for the project across all social media platforms and on the film’s website. She created an engaging Kickstarter page with infographics presenting a breakdown of the project budget and illustrations of rewards. Grenier edited a compelling Kickstarter video that couples an emotional story with a direct call to action. She also built a targeted Facebook and Twitter following, connecting with members of the child advocacy and film communities before the launch.

On day three of the campaign, shared an article and a link to the Rewind to Fast-Forward Kickstarter video with its nearly six million Facebook followers. After Upworthy posted the story (and within just 72 hours of the project launch) the film had raised more than $70,000 from thousands of people all over the world. The campaign quickly became the second most popular project on Kickstarter out of more than 138,000 projects. As the numbers continued to climb the film picked up coverage from other major media outlets including Perez Hilton, Linda Nieuws (Netherlands), and Upsocl (Chile), among others.

Sunday April 6th, just a week into the month-long campaign, more than 400,000 viewers had watched the Kickstarter video and more than 3000 supporters had helped the project reach its $137,000 goal. The feature on Upworthy has had over a million views. In the last line of the Kickstarter video, Neulinger gives his sendoff, “I want to know that I have an army behind me.” Driven by his final words, project supporters have adopted the hashtag #SashasArmy, joining forces on social media.­

Given the early success, the team refocused its attentions and is now working toward a stretch goal of $200,000, an amount that would allow extended field production and significant upgrades in camera equipment. To follow the progress and for more information on the documentary’s campaign visit