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Inside the Paul McCartney Out There tour soundcheck in Lincoln, Neb.

Paul McCartney at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Neb.
Paul McCartney at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Neb.
David Sukovaty - used by permission.

David Sukovaty attended the soundcheck for the Paul McCartney show in Lincoln, Neb. at Pinnacle Bank Arena on July 14, and gave Beatles Examiner an intimate report of what he saw along with some exclusive pics. “A group of us checked in and were guided to a comfortable room furnished with several tables and a cash bar,” he said. “We received our badges and joined the people having their picture taken with the "OUT THERE" back drop that had been provided.

Paul McCartney in Lincoln, Neb. at Pinnacle Bank Arena.
David Sukovaty

“The room bathed in a black light hue with flower settings and what appeared to be diamond like jewels spread around the vases. Hors d'oeuvres were served. We were then ushered into the Pinnicle Bank Arena's concert hall. VIP Hostess Shelley introduced sound man Pablo and explained what they were going to be hearing as Paul would be checking 6 guitars, a mandolin, and 2 pianos.

“Bass guitarist and guitarist Brian Ray walked on stage and drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. had come round from behind the drums and walked on with Paul "Wix" Wickens. and then guitarist Rusty Anderson walked on. Paul waved to the nearly 60 people in attendance, hugs Abe and speaks with the members of his group. Paul then spoke with us and Pablo welcomed everyone to Lincoln. The camera and screens come on and the mini concert began.”

Sukovaty said McCartney began the soundcheck with “Blue Suede Shoes,” then followed with “Honey Don't.” He said people were allowed to take pictures for the first 15 minutes. McCartney played "I'll Follow The Sun,” then took a drink of bottled water and played with the crowd, pretending to go weak in the knees as if it were a shot of alcohol, which delighted the audience. He then went into "Things We Said Today".

“We were encouraged to dance and call out songs,” Sukovaty said. "Every Night" was one of the requests. Shelley explained that Paul wanted everybody to have a good time. He played “San Francisco Bay Blues” for her and everyone was shown dancing on the big screens. He then went to the Magic Piano and played "Let Them In" and "Lady Madonna" with full video effects.

“The 50 minute plus 15 song set concluded. We returned to the designated room, received “Put There” backpacks with items packed inside. Everyone had stories to trade and the veggie meal that was prepared was exceptional. Everything seemed to be settling in just right. We were then taken to the merchandise table before the doors were opened and got ready to be seated.”

This was the full Lincoln, Neb. soundcheck setlist : “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Honey Don't,” “Drive My Car,” “One After 909,” “Forever True,” “Celebration,” “C Moon,” “I'll Follow the Sun,” “Every Night,” “Be With You,” “Ram On,” “Things We Said Today,” “San Francisco Bay Blues,” “Let 'Em In,” “Lady Madonna.”

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