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Inside the Blacklight Run

The Blacklight Run, known as the brightest 5K on the planet, stopped by Northern California recently and was met with a huge number of participants at the Glowing Up 2014 Tour. Just a few hours before the Blacklight Run was to begin at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, registered participants received an email stating the expected attendance for the 5K walk/run was 12,000 people for the evening race.

Glow party after the Blacklight Run
Glow party after the Blacklight RunChristina Rivas-Louie
Inside the Blacklight Run
Inside the Blacklight RunChristina Rivas-Louie

During the Blacklight Run race, a handful of Blacklight Zones are set up along the course where participants may be dusted from head-to-toe in neon UV glow powder. The UV glow powder comes in all sorts of glow-in-the-dark colors such as pink, orange, and green which shine brightly under the Blacklight Zones along the course.

Since the Blacklight Run is held in the evening, white clothing and accessories glow the most in the Blacklight Zones. For extra fun, glow gear is also available for purchase at pre-packet pick up day and on race day; these items also glow bright under the black light as well.

The Blacklight Run is scheduled for several summer and fall season stops in the states of Massachusetts, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois and Tennessee. What’s more, the event website also has an option for submitting location requests for the Glowing Up Tour.

See the official 2014 Blacklight Run video here.

More information is available on the Blacklight Run website.