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Inside Scoop on 'Girl Meets World'

Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Eric
Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Eric

Every 90s kid, remembers the days of "Boy Meets World" a half-hour comedy that followed Cory Matthews trying to deal with the ends and outs of adolescences with his family, friends and occasionally some advice from his teacher and next-door neighbor, Mr. Feeny. Now fourteen years later, Disney Channel has decided to make a spin-off of the sitcom for today's generation.

The spin-off will be titled "Girl Meets World," based around Cory and Topanga's teenage daughter Riley. Danielle Fishel & Ben Savage, who play Cory and Topanga Matthew sat down with to talk about the series. One of the most interesting questions was if adult fans of the original series would be able to enjoy the spin-off. "I think the show's a little different, but we've got a lot of the same writers and the same producers and some of the same cast and it's funny," Ben said. "I'm proud of the show and I think it's just as good as 'Boy Meets World.'" Danielle added, "In every episode there are moments that will bring our older audience right back to 'Boy Meet World,' and it'll be like no time has passed for them either. I think that will be redeeming."

Another question 'Boy Meet World' fans might have is Topanga's career. The series end with the couple, along with Cory's brother Eric and best friend Shawn, moving to New York so that Topanga could take a law internship. Did her law career ever take off? "Topanga is up in the air," Danielle said with a laugh. "We're working on figuring out exactly what it's going to be. Topanga went to law school and she's very smart, and we want her to be doing something that shows her education and that is something that Topanga would love, but is also something that Topanga would really want to be doing. I think Topanga also really loves being a mother and that changed her a lot. So I think Topanga's career path may have taken a change after she had children."

Disney has already order 21-episodes of the series, which makes a complete season. However, a premiere date has yet to be announced. According to Savage, the creators want the show to be at its best. "As far as taking our time and it feeling drawn out, we wanna make sure it's done well and we wanna make sure it's done right. And we want to make sure it honors our original series," Ben explained. "So we don't want to rush anything and we don't want to just throw something out there, we want this show to be on for a long time and we want to make sure it honors our previous legacy and hopefully builds a brand new generation of fans."