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Spring Floral arrangement
Spring Floral arrangement
Third Row Designs

What is it about spring that gets us in the mood to do things? Suddenly as if by magic we wake up and think…I’m going to garden, or clean, or redecorate. It probably has to do with the warmer weather, sunshine and the new beginnings all around us. The daffodils poke their heads out, leaves begin to bud, and it’s the start of wedding season! On the interior design front it’s exciting as well. There are fresh takes on colors, bright shades in textiles, and an emphasis on clean, sleek lines of furniture and organization. My mind is always working, thinking up new ideas, but especially in spring.

One of the favorite trends in the last several years is the “outdoor room”. A fabulous idea, you have an extension of your home that comfortable, functional, and just plain fun. How do we bring that inside so that we can enjoy nature while the weather is a bit too nasty to venture out of doors? A few ideas are by bringing small plants such as herbs, and bulbs inside. Get a fun new plant stand, or paint an old plant stand white or a bright spring color. Of course an obvious way to bring the outdoors in is a mural, floral wall covering, or new paint. While these are all great ideas, how many of you really want to go to all that trouble for one season? Exactly!

Investing in large house plants or trees helps keep your home feeling fresh and also helps the air quality. A fichus or banana tree are good options as are peace lilies. Herbs are another great option, as they are functional as well as beautiful. If you have a brown thumb like I do, silk plants satisfy the freshness aspect while going easy on the maintenance. A dusting every few weeks will keep them in top shape. Speaking of silk, a silk flower arrangement makes a great spring statement. Good quality silk florals look real and once again require little maintenance. Having one on an entry table, bar, or vanity or all of the above will brighten your home and your spirits.

Adding new throw pillows, a new rug, or some new artwork to your space is great as well. If you have a seasonal rotation going, get one new piece to throw in or to replace an tired accessory.

Whatever you do this spring to brighten your interior remember that it’s mostly about what is going to make you feel more at home in your environment. Whether it’s repainting, plants, architectural details, or new throw pillows, make sure it fits your budget, lifestyle, and taste.

You can purchase silk florals, and containers at Joann’s, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby. Floral containers can also be purchases from Lowe’s, Home Depot. A local place called All Season’s on 8th Ave. has a wonderful assortment of garden containers and statues that would be lovely inside a home or office. They also carry Mythic paint if you’re looking for great no/low VOC paint. It goes on so smooth even a kindergartener could do a professional job.


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