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Inside Look TV spotlights Safeway's 'Ingredients for Life' on California Living

Safeway Culinary Center Executive Chef Jeff Anderson dishes how to make a healthy "salad in a jar" with "ingredients for life" on California Living™ with host Aprilanne Hurley
Safeway Culinary Center Executive Chef Jeff Anderson dishes how to make a healthy "salad in a jar" with "ingredients for life" on California Living™ with host Aprilanne Hurley

California Living™ dishes the message that "healthy eating doesn't have to be boring" during March, "National Nutrition Month" on ION Television in the San Francisco and Sacramento markets in order to help viewers discover ways to create healthier meals and lives through proper nutrition. In this Inside Look TV - California Living Super Health & Fitness Special airing on March 25, "National Nutrition Month" is in the spotlight with the focus on Chef Jeff Anderson - Executive Chef of Safeway's Culinary Center responsible for developing new product ideas and recipes supporting Safeway's "Ingredients for Life"campaign and mission. Chef Anderson's goal is to provide a gold standard of food excellence, all at affordable prices for Safeway customers.

In his role, Chef Anderson educates consumers about Safeway's newest products, and teaches them fresh and creative ways to use Safeway products in their everyday lives. A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, Chef Anderson is always eager to share his extensive culinary knowledge and he participates in many consumer culinary events to share cooking tips and easy recipes to help consumers create better home-cooked meals. As a father of two, Chef Jeff is passionate about creating recipes that are not only delicious but also affordable and simple to prepare for today's busy families.

Below are some great "Healthy Lifestyle Tips" compliments of Safeway Culinary Center & Executive Chef Jeff Anderson for "National Nutrition Month" specifically focusing on helping families get on the road to better health during March, "National Nutrition Month" - as well as all year round:

1. Crank up Calcium:

  • Order a 16-ounce fat-free latte and get 45% of the Daily Value for calcium.
  • Munch your calcium—eat dark leafy greens like kale and collard greens.

  • Top salads, chili and soup with low-fat cheese.
  • If you don’t drink milk, try low-fat yogurt, calcium-fortified fruit juice or tofu processed with calcium.

  • Mix fat-free dry milk into mashed potatoes and casseroles.

2. Add More Veggies and Fruits…

  • To boost nutrients, make a salad with baby spinach instead of iceberg lettuce.
  • Keep sliced, raw veggies in the fridge for an always-ready healthy snack.

  • Toss orange segments, sliced grapes or chopped apples into salads.
  • Slip vegetables into favorites—top pizza with pepper rings, add chopped broccoli to pasta, slide cucumber slices into sandwiches.
  • Roast root veggies like cubed carrots, parsnips and winter squash for an earthy side dish.
  • Blend a frozen banana, low-fat yogurt and OJ for a frigidly good treat.

  • Stir dried cranberries, cherries or apples into hot cereal.
  • Add beans to soup, chili, tacos and stews to boost fiber and add protein.

3. Be aware of the types of "fat" in your foods:

  • Spread mustard instead of mayo on your sandwiches.
  • Buy at least 95% lean ground beef or ground turkey breast for burgers, tacos and meatloaf.
  • Grease pans with non-stick oil or butter spray.
  • Add more omega-3s by topping yogurt and salads with chopped walnuts
  • Enjoy fatty fish like salmon or tuna at least twice a week.

4. Go for the Grains

  • Use brown rice instead of white rice or mix "half and half."
  • Step outside the box. Try "unusual" grains such as wheat berries, bulgur and quinoa.

5. Easy lifestyle tips from Safeway Culinary Center Executive Chef Anderson also include skipping the salt during cooking and use spices and herbs instead, noting that:

If you’re used to salty flavors, gradually cut back on higher-sodium foods such as canned soups, pickles and olives. A taste for salt is learned, so you can 'adjust' your taste buds to prefer less salty foods. ~ Executive Chef Jeff Anderson

Chef Anderson concludes Safeway's month of healthy lifestyle tips with a suggestion to "build more exercise into your day," recommending you "clip on a pedometer (step counter) and track how many steps you take during your daily routine. Gradually build up to 10,000 steps a day—that’s about 5 miles." Noting that, one fun way to add more activity to your day is to "take a family walk."

In addition to the spotlight on Safeway's "Ingredients for life," Inside Look TV's California Living Super Health & Fitness Special reveals a famous recipe using the Artichoke - "California's Official Vegetable" with Sonoma County Executive Chef Graziano Perozzi.

Special thanks to Safeway Culinary Kitchen and Executive Chef Jeff Anderson for the "healthy lifestyle tips" above, and until next time...keep the (healthy) party going ~ Aprilanne

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