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Inside Longmont launches monthly print magazine, solicits your contributions

Inside Longmont now brings you a new full-color print magazine every month--and your writing should be in it.
Inside Longmont now brings you a new full-color print magazine every month--and your writing should be in it.
Inside Longmont

Inside Longmont is not new. This online community resource was founded in 2008 and began having a Facebook presence in June of 2009. Since then, Inside Longmont has been sharing community photos and events and getting the word out about local businesses and charities via both its website and Facebook page.

What is new in 2014 is Inside Longmont's expansion into a print magazine.

Important correction, 3/1/2014: In fact, Inside Longmont is not a physical print magazine--your Examiner got that wrong. The full-color monthly magazine is digital only, accessible via You cannot hold it in your hands, but you can read it on your electronic device of choice! Thanks for catching my mistake, Brian! We appreciate your attention to this important correction. Return now to our regularly scheduled Examiner post already in progress...

Editor Brian T. Wolf is busily preparing the March issue as we speak. In the meantime, check out the January and February 2014 issues hosted at Each full-color issue profiles a wide range of wonderful things in the Longmont area: businesses, non-profits, concerts and plays, art exhibits, historical landmarks, and more.

Wolf is also soliciting poetry and short fiction for upcoming issues. This caught your Examiner's eagle eye, so she emailed him for more details. Here's the low-down on short stories:

  • 5,000 words or less
  • Welcoming "most" subjects and genres
  • Not soliciting children's stories (target market is 18-40)
  • No excessive profanity, violence, sex, drug use, etc.
  • No monetary compensation currently offered
  • Full credit given to your preferred by-line

If you're an area writer looking to give something back to your community and get a little local exposure at the same time, consider Inside Longmont an opportunity to do just that. Email "insidelongmontthemagazine" at "gmail" dot com for further details about short story submissions or other contributions (e.g. poetry, artwork, feature articles, photography).

Your Examiner happened to find out about this new magazine not because she was looking for local markets to submit writing to (although that's something she really ought to do), but because she happens to be a member of the Boulder County Bombers, the roller derby league that Inside Longmont has begun profiling in its Sports & Fitness section. Check out page 24 of the February issue for the first installment.

And don't forget to register (for free) on the Inside Longmont website to upload your events, post your classifieds, and participate in contests.

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