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Inside Llewyn Davis: An Interview w/ The Film's Lead Actor, Oscar Isaac (VIDEO)

It's an odd irony that an actor named Oscar, after winning effusive critical acclaim for a role; and being nominated for a Golden Globe award, gets shut out for an Academy Award nomination. However, that's the fate that befell actor Oscar Isaac for his critically lauded role as a troubled and struggling folk music musician in the film, "Inside Lllewyn Davis".

The film and Isaac's performance received multiple accolades and inclusion on many film critics "Best Of 2013" film lists. However, despite some early momentum for the film, it failed to go the distance in later award events, most significantly the nominations for this year's Academy Awards.

The film chronicles the trials of talented folk singer Llewyn Davis during the early 1960's. Davis is a struggling musician of great skill and vocal ability, but is unable to get his big break that could send his failing career soaring into the big time. Along the way, Davis manages to alienate many around him as he tries to find the success he so deeply craves.

Oscar Isaac turns in a wonderful performance as the often frustrated musician and his performance is most certainly one worthy of recognition by the moviegoing public while the film is still in theaters and/or released on DVD and Blu Ray.

Making this film even more noteworthy is the fact that Isaac is also a talented musician and singer. All of the numerous and heartfelt musical interludes and songs are performed by Isaac himself "live on set", showing a depth, talent and true commitment to this role that few other actors are able to achieve musically.

The film also features some nice performances by Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake, who also sing in this film.

I had a chance to interview Isaac about his film shortly before it's release. Presented here are his views about the film. The Academy Awards may have snubbed Oscar; but I'm confident many moviegoers will feel as though they've discovered their own golden reward by seeking out this film to judge and appreciate it for themselves.

The film is still playing in limited release in theaters... and is definitely a film worth seeking out.

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