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Inside "Employed for Life" 21st Century Career Trends – Q&A, Part II

How technology, globalization and diversity impact careersIs technology displacing or creating jobs?

  • Technology has displaced some jobs. Futurists predict that print newspaper will be out of business by 2040, robotics and automated technologies will replace rote and mundane tasks previously done by bank tellers, travel agents, tax preparers, drivers.
  • The Internet has created new jobs, companies, and entire industries. Jobs like social media strategist, user experience designer, online community manager, search engine optimization specialist, and app designer, for example, didn’t exist ten years ago.
  • By 2020 over 75% of jobs will have a technical component.

How does globalization impact work and employees?

  • Every business is global. You can start a global business and take orders in less than an hour.
  • Your competition is no longer your next-door neighbor but someone overseas.

How does diversity impact work and employees?

  • Definition of diversity has expanded to also include age, technology, education and that creates work complexity.
  • Have and have not’s will be defined by those who plan their careers and those who don’t.
  • Women continue to emerge as future trusted leaders.

To learn more about technologies with the potaential to reshape your job read the book Employed for Life, 21st Century Career Trends.

Dr. Tracey Wilen is a prominent thought leader on the impact of technology on society, work and careers. She’s been a scholar at Stanford University and has held leadership positions at Apple, HP, Cisco, and the Apollo Group. Dr. Wilen has authored 11 books. Her new book Employed for Life , 21st Century career trends was just released.

She has appeared on CNN, Fox and CBS news, in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today. She frequently contributes to The Huffington Post, the Examiner, and the Christian Science Monitor and is on radio shows across the US weekly as an expert guest. She is a global speaker on the impact of technology on work, careers, and women’s leadership. She was honored by the San Francisco Business Times as a 2012 Most Influential Woman in Bay Area Business., @traceywilen

Dr. Wilen is on a corporate speaking tour on the topic of 21st Century Careers and can be reached, @traceywilen or FB Dr.TraceyWilen

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