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Insecurity in life

General insecurities, that we all suffer from is not well understood by people. Insecurities are often linked to depression, over-eating, over-shopping, substance abuses and other destructive behaviors. Insecure individuals have tendency to control others by using negativity.

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It is difficult to pin-point the reasons behind the extended phenomena of insecurity in today’s society. Wrong human values may have been instilled. Repeated prejudices based on color, size, hair, origins are other detrimental approach to becoming insecure in a society.

In a society where beauty and money are cited as the core of to being happy, it can be very detrimental to children growing up. Later in life, the emotional problem can be linked to many symptoms such as over-eating, smoking, drinking, and illegal or legal drugs abuses.

How to lessen emotional insecurity?

Exercise is the first recommended remedy. Yoga has been found to relieve certain individuals from their emotional insecurity. Practicing a religion may also help.

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