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Insects as art? See it to believe it... and love it!


Since the dawn of time, nature has been a source of beautiful items to adorn our homes. Flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables, leather, cotton, wool, etc. have all become common ways of decorating with and utilizing nature’s products. But insects?! It’s true and really quite beautiful in its’ special quirky way.

I have to admit I was more than a little unconvinced a few years ago when my adult daughter Katie, began an online art business featuring insects as art. Not just common earthworms and house flies but exotic butterflies, beetles and unique species. Most are native to tropical areas of Asia. 

 Her initial art pieces were only framed pieces for the wall or desktop. She has since expanded in to jewelry items such as pins, hair accessories, rings and necklaces. At first glance, one would think the richly colored item is a gemstone but upon closer inspection, you realize it’s a one-of-a-kind species from nature! 

She’s done very well, I must say (proudly!) She’s shipped pieces to many distant locations from her websites as well as sold items in person at regional art shows. Her art was the front-page feature in the local newspaper a couple years ago. On Twitter, she's insectartonline.  If you enjoy decorative items that are unique and beautiful, these are conversation-starters for sure! With the spring gift-season just around the corner, you might give these consideration. It’s for sure no one else will be giving the same gift as you!

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