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Insecticide tours Texas post-Thanksgiving

Hessians across the US are usually most thankful for any halfway decent show that happens on the sleepy, dreary weekend after Thanksgiving. We don't care that Christmas is only a month away, and we don't want any of the idiocy known as Black Friday. So when a durable thrash trio like California's own Insecticide comes to Texas, we are obligated to fight our way out of our couch-slouching stupors and come out to work off those mashed potatoes of any one of the three shows they'll be headlining.

Insecticide tours Texas
Jeff Tandy

The main reason for the Los Angelinos to make the trip is for Houston's Axiom Reunion Fest, but they also grabbed dates in McAllen and now in San Antonio. The SA show is a Sunday matinee also featuring Hod, and it's only three bucks at the door so why stay home? You won't go broke, and you'll be home at a reasonable hour (though not if you decide to get drunk, which is fine too).

Insecticide performs for the sheer love of metal, and they are a stellar live act, which means if you haven't seen them yet, now is the time! There are three chances to come out - pick one and go!

Insecticide Texas Tour

Friday, 11/23 - Fitzgerald's (Axiom Fest), Houston

Saturday, 11/24 - Mango's, McAllen

Sunday, 11/25 - Korova Basement, San Antonio (matinee show, doors at 5:30pm)

For more info: Visit Insecticide's official Facebook page.


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