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Insect spy drones? VALIANTS to the rescue!

According to various sources the American ruling class is developing remotely controlled insect-sized drones that can, when equipped with miniature cameras, spy on you like the fabled fly-on-the-wall or sting like a mosquito to extract your DNA or blood type.

The US Air force is developing Micro Air Vehicles to use in "urban battlefields." Given the nature of our government these nano drones may be attacking us soon.
The US Air force is developing Micro Air Vehicles to use in "urban battlefields." Given the nature of our government these nano drones may be attacking us soon.
The ultimate identity theft: Government bugbots will steal your DNA samples almost at will.

But the ability to extract implies the ability to inject. Like what? Typhoid? Smallpox? Ricin?

Armed with thousands of these MOVs (Micro Aerial Vehicles) an authoritarian government can terrorize an entire population forever, never giving up its absolute power.

But when something sounds too science-fictiony remember the one thing that can defeat a thuggish technocratic ruling class is more science fiction.

Meet the Voluntaryist Agorist Libertarian Individualist Anarcho Nonaggressor Technostars Society, stalwart rebels known as VALIANTS.

Their counter-revolutionary master plan is a brilliant electro techno super cybernetic computerated synthesis called Old School New Tech.

Taking an ornithological communication system used during World War I and technologizing it the VALIANTS will mass produce and send forth thousands of digital robo homing pigeons programmed to crash dive through the windows of every government building in DC that house politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, corporatists or banksters and then explode.

They will then announce that their next targets will be statehouses and city halls nationwide.

Surviving political rulers will unleash the military against the VALIANTS knowing that 99% of soldiers will kill their fellow citizens because they've been trained to obey orders rather than think for themselves.

The rebels will be ready. Not wishing to kill rank and file troopers they will have bioengineered an insidious Old School nemesis from the trenches of The Great War, a parasitic biting insect known as the cootie bug, and air drop them onto the attacking forces.

The tiny microbiotic cyborg beetles are designed to bite the soldiers and infect them with raging cases of Montezuma's Revenge (look it up young people).

There will still be the local cops to deal with. So when the phalanxes of riot police with their helmets and shields and Tasers advance on the rebellious multitudes nationwide there will be a VALIANT amongst them to employ the oldest of Old School tactics by releasing a dozen GPS navigating gyro-stabilized collision avoidance detecting robo donuts against them.

The rolling pastries will zip and zag while cops scurry and scramble, fighting each other in a full blown melee until they're exhausted.

So let this be a warning to the techno-statist thugs: technology can work both ways.

(Thanks to Mary Reed for the article idea.)

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