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Innovative ways to find the time

There's one thing in life that everyone on the planet gets a equal amount of and that's the number of hours in the day. Each day is 24 hours and how we spent those hours determines if we are productive or not. Many of us (myself included) would say that there aren't enough hours in the day but there isn't a way to increase the day to allow more hours. There are ways to modify what it is that we do to allow what needs to get done to be done.

One of the biggest time consumers is watching tv. Many a childhood summer of mine was spent in front of the tv watching movies, cartoons, and other interesting things. When homework was due and not yet done, that's when the really interesting shows were on PBS. Coincidence? I think not. It's nigh impossible to do homework and watch tv at the same time, I've tried and failed. However it is possible to do chores and watch tv simuntaneously. My late grandmother had this one figured out years ago with her little black and white, rabbit-eared attenae, only-get-thirteen-channels tv. That old tv lived in the kitchen and she would cook for her family, and clean up while watching her favorite shows. Her kitchen was almost always clean and she was up to date on her favorite tv shows.

With the tv, use the tv guide to find out what shows you really want to watch and just watch those programs. If there's a new program that you think might be interesting, give it until the first commercial break. If it isn't going along with your interests, turn it off. There's not much to gain by sitting and watching a program thatt you're not enjoying.

Another method that saves time is to run the dishwasher with a full load at night. It's preferable at night because that's when the demand for energy is lower than during the mid-afternoon, so you get a break on the cost of running the appliance. Also the constant noise of the machine can help put you to sleep if you find those types of noises relaxing. Since you won't be needing the dishes immediately, you can let them air dry and most likely they will be dry in the morning. It is also possible to run the dishwasher and the clothes dryer at the same time. If two of your appliances can be run at the same time, go for it. There will be less to take care of in half the time.

If you car pool or take public transportation to your job or school and have the luxury of a phone with internet access, this is a perfect time to catch up on the latest news. If you're the one driving, by all means keep your attention on the road and use the radio to find out the latest news.

The hardest thing to do that will get you more time is to simply have a 'no electronics day'. That means no tv, no computer, no cell phone for texting or surfing the web. I have yet to succeed on a 'no electronics day' because I made it just before bed when I used my phone to find out the latest news. By keeping the computer and tv off it did help the environment because I was one less person using energy for a non-productive day.

While many of us feel there aren't enough hours in the day, we still have a huge amount of control in how we spend our days. Sometimes lounging in a hammock and reading a really good book is time better spent than playing games on the computer. Time can only be spend once and it's in our power to determine how we're going to spend it.

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