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Innovative Language Arts lesson

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Last week, I assigned my students a creative assignment. They had been working on reading habits throughout the year, so I wanted to give them a chance to demonstrate just what they have learned.

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For this assignment, the students had to get into groups and draw a section of Hatchet and use another reading habit to explain the images they created.

Some of the reading habits they have learned so far are making connections, asking questions, monitoring for understanding, synthesizing, among other things.

Throughout the day, I observed student as they recycled poster boards to be used for their new projects. At that point, I recognized a teachable moment so I asked,

“What is the word you learned this year. It is when you take different things and make something new.”

The first student to answer said, “Comprise.”

Another one added, “Renovate.”

“It’s also one of your reading habits,” I hinted.

Then the first student quickly replied again, “Synthesizing!” and I smiled with her because she was correct.

Different learners

This kind of assignment is truly ideal for kinesthetic and visual learners, for these students love to learn by using their hands (body) and actually seeing the information.

As a teacher, it is amazing to see the students show their understanding of a story by sketching their knowledge on paper. Then when they are able to explain the images by citing the text that is when I know they have truly comprehended the story.

Every good teacher wants his or her students to learn, so I am glad my young scholars are excited about Hatchet. How about you? Have you done any creative lessons in your classroom this month? Share your ideas below.

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