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Innovation is alive and well in Michigan

What specifically is the rust-belt state of Michigan doing to improve the business climate in the "Wolverine State"?

Well according to the Pure Michigan, web site: "in 2011 Michigan became the home to the first U.S. Patent and Trademark Office satellite, because of the large number of patents generated here."

Last year, "Michigan is home to 40 private universities and 15 public universities, 3 of which are large research institutions representing more than $1.5 billion in federal research dollars annually."

Continuing the report: "The state houses more 25 business incubators, specializing in everything from food processing to biotech to battery development."

Currently, "Michigan is home to the world's largest business plan comptetition, awarding $1 million in prizes every year."

Growth continues in that "the state has 25 venture capital firms and 8 formal angel funding organizations, and that number grows every year."

And the state continues to support film makers who need to produce films where governmental cooperation is needed. If innovation is on the agenda, then perhaps Michigan could be the next state to enhance your technology development future.


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