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'Innovate' magazine Part 2

Part two of our coverage of the birth of Innovate! this article focuses on a few emails, that show the gears working of some of today's most brilliant literary minds . A great team of International writers, who are bringing you the close up view of today's writing and art world. We have a look at some of the private chat of how “Innovate” was born.This letter was sent to Examiner by K.D. Rose.

Swaroop Acharya, K.D. Rose, “Grey Wolf,” Alec James Hawkes, Mark Fleming, and Elizabeth Mills talking about their upcoming Magazine:
Featureing and"Tamala Baldwin, Singer/Actress featured in Issue 2."
Innovate Magazine

From the INNOVATE Team:

"It is through art that we connect with our deepest being. It is a gift from the artist to whoever is inclined to receive it. The artist, using words or pictures or music or movement, opens his or her soul to the world, and, if we are tuned, we share, for a heart-pumping moment, the same plane of existence as that person reached in creating that gift."

Swaroop Acharya, K.D. Rose, “Grey Wolf,Alec James Hawkes, Mark Fleming, and Elizabeth Mills talking about their upcoming Magazine:

K.D. Rose: Swaroop, I have to ask, did you at one time say you were influenced by my book I
Am: Poetry in Motion? Correct me if I'm wrong. At least that’s what Grey Wolf said?

Swaroop: Yes, yes... I was really impressed. I liked the concept a lot. I was talking to Grey Wolf about visual poetry and he gave me the name of your book!

K.D. Rose: So you went out and got your own photographer and wrote a visual poetry book as
well. What made you want to get involved with a magazine like this?

Swaroop: I was thinking of doing something different other than poetry. I decided to do mystery short stories. Grey Wolf invited me for the magazine and I was more than happy to get involved as it would be an ideal place for my story to get published.

K.D. Rose: What is it like working with people from around the globe? What are your goals for
the mag?

Swaroop: My goal for the magazine is to make a creative, collective effort to create something
new. This magazine is a perfect example where the authors of different genres and countries
come together under the same platform. INNOVATE, the name says it all.

K.D. Rose: Alec, how did you get involved with the magazine.?

Alec: Grey Wolf asked me to join.

K.D. Rose: Why did you say yes, then?

Alec: Because I like Grey Wolf. We got to know each other last August when I joined a few
writers groups via Faceache (Facebook).

K.D. Rose: AHA Faceache, LOL. I can see you are going to be a pip!

Alec: We exchanged our books! I think he enjoyed my satirical - biting - humor.

K.D. Rose: Okay you tend to write a lot of satire and political pieces what draws
you in that direction?

Alec: I have an Alec quote if you want..

K.D. Rose: Sure!...if its printable.

Alec: Question everything you're told...another...

Alec: Turn the other cheek once too often and you'll get a razor blade through it...

K.D. Rose: So you are the hawk in this group, scanning the landscape...
Alec: Hawk?

K.D. Rose: Eagle? You are the eyes of the group on everything that is happening
around us.

Alec: Bald Eagle – you've seen my pic!

K.D. Rose: LOL. What I mean is many in the group are just kind of writing from their head
(like me), or from their small circle of circumstances. You are actually involved in watching the
bigger landscape and writing about it. Correct? (And it "feels" as if you love a good political

Alec: Correct - my interest in questioning the filthy bastards stems from the punk music in the

K.D. Rose: Really? That is so cool! How?

Alec: I don't mean 'fun punk', like The Ramones and stuff - I mean British punk. The Clash,
Stiff Little Fingers, The Jam. I love the Ramones, and many other U.S. bands, but the bands I
mention had a very serious message- STOP SHAFTING US!!

K.D. Rose: So music turned you on to questioning authority?

Alec: YES!

K.D. Rose: And from there- when did it lead you to actually writing about it?

Alec: Oh, not for a long time. I spent the next 20 years enjoying life, kicking the arse out of it.
It was the Blair scumbag that got me writing about it! I call him Billy Liar!

K.D. Rose: So then you started writing satire and about politics.

Alec: Yes... I saw that so many people wrote seriously about politics. I had no chance of
competing with that. So I decided to make it funny!

K.D. Rose: Funny is good. It's one of the few ways people will actually take in information they
don't agree with.

Alec: I agree totally - make 'em laugh and it sinks in!

K.D. Rose: So what do you want from the magazine then? What would you like to see the
magazine achieve?

Alec: Just to be a good read that is interesting, entertaining, and gets people interested. A bonus would be to make a dime...or three...and, I guess, get all of us further
forward with our own particular styles!

Alec: My writing IS very cutting, but with humor!

K.D. Rose: Is there anything you want to say as a takeaway?

Alec: My granddad used to tell me 'If a job's worth doing, boy, then it's worth doing well.'
That could say, in modern parlance, 'If you're gonna do it, then give it all you've got!'
(or don't bother...). Make of that what you will my friend.

K.D. Rose: I wanted to readdress one thing. Why, Liz do you think you can’t write some types of things? If you're a fiction writer,why couldn't you?

Liz: In fiction my mind wanders freely, but if I ever try to write from my life, I get bogged down.

K.D. Rose: Ah. Trapped by the corners of reality.

Liz: Exactly!

K.D. Rose So there you have it. The six (including me) founders of INNOVATE, a magazine that started as simply an idea in Grey Wolf's mind and came together through the work of a diverse group of writers who are all interested in providing material that is different, cutting edge and crosses new boundaries.

Hey K.D. Rose thats a lot of juice info on the inner works of a brainstorm session from your team. Any thing else you want to add?

K.D.Rose: to the examiner

Did I mention this article was written by talking to four different countries via four different Instant Messages and piecing them together along with a prior interview from one of the
participants? Organic Synchronicity: you're reading it now.

For those wishing to submit work to us and join Innovate in its journey, the Submissions Group is open for business:

We thank everyone at Innovate for your time. We hope future writers will look at this as how experts collaborate. We will all be looking in the coming year to “Innovate,” for a truly wild ride.This team is poised to take 2014 by storm! Check out the the first article here and links to more exciting articles link at the bottom of this page, please comment like and share. Above all please support the great people at Innovate.

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