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Innova Champion Disc Golf starter set a step above


Innova Champion Disc Golf Set

New disc golfers looking for an upgrade over Innova’s DX Disc Golf set should consider the Innova Champion Starter Pack.  Innova’s Champion plastic is a step up from the DX plastic in that it is more rugged and resistant to scratches and other surface damage.  Whereas the DX discs' flight characteristics will be altered as the disc becomes more broken in and worn, Champion discs will retain their original tendencies. 

Like typical starter sets, the Champion pack comes with a driver, mid-range, and a putter.  While the DX set comes with a fairway driver, the Innova Champion set comes with a more advanced distance driver, the Valkrie.   Where a fairway driver is used more for tight throws and to hold specific lines, a distance driver is used to gain any extra inch it can off of the tee.

The Champion Panther included in the set is the perfect all around disc.  It is a nice beginner disc because it is versatile and can be used for both long and short-range approaches to the pin.  The Panther is a slightly understable disc meaning that it will turn to the right early in flight for right-handed backhand throws and fade back to the left to some extent as the disc begins to slow down. 

The putter in the Innova Champion starter set is the always reliable Aviar P&A.  This is the same model of putter included in the DX set, the only difference being the plastic type.  The Aviar isn’t going to win any style points but it is a dependable disc that players can rely on in tough putting situations.

The Champion starter set is a nice set for more advanced players or for beginners looking to branch out and expand their disc collection, offering different throwing options.  These discs aren’t as easy to learn with as the DX discs, but they are great once players develop a feel for the sport.

For more info:  Visit the Innova Website and Disc Golf Center's Champion set page