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Innocent Quinn or Baby Huck: Does Quinn deserve to be in Wonderland?

Spoiler alerts: If you have not seen Seasons 1 to 3, do not read unless you want the juice on Quinn.

Actress Katie Lowes attends the 45th NAACP Image Awards presented by TV One at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 22, 2014 in Pasadena, Calif.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown

Shortwave radio is creepy enough as is, but Huck not being able to find other people in B613 without that radio signal is even weirder. So why -- of all the men in D.C. -- Quinn chose to bond with Charlie is beyond comprehension. No one should be that "interested" in Huck's world.

Rewind back to the introduction of Charlie (Season 2's "Spies Like Us") in which one of the spies, Wink, killed a snitching spy named Melvin Feen in cold blood. And the only reason Wink was able to do it was because Huck stood in front of Charlie's gun, pleading to Charlie about how he wants to be normal.

Charlie's response was to recollect Huck's own torturing of him. "I wish you'd gone all Oprah before you whipped out that drill." But before he could finish his joke about Huck torturing Charlie, out comes Wink with the gun.

And all the killers quickly pitch in to clean up Melvin's brains like it was trash after a family reunion. This is the crew Quinn is about to walk into.

Viewers were shocked and admired Quinn for helping Huck with torture (Season 2 "White Hat's Back On"). Quinn slowly turned into Baby Huck, but it stopped being fun quickly when Huck viewed Quinn as a traitor who worked with Charlie. Then out came the teeth and on came the torture.

And no matter how much more street smart Quinn may be, there's still a little naivete in her. Charlie didn't have to try hard at all to manipulate her into killing a security guard. And her frozen reaction was about the same as seeing her dead boyfriend reporter (Episode 1 "Grant for the People"). But who outside of Quinn could possibly be surprised after she'd been flirting with the lifestyle for so long? Ask for something long enough, and you'll get it.

Huck was already trying to erase memories of his own horrific background (Season 2's "Seven Fifty-Two"), but he might've been better off filling his protege Quinn "Baby Huck" in instead of trying to keep her out of the loop. She'd already followed him to an AA meeting (Season 3's "Say Hello to My Little Friend") and gotten a kick out of being his right-hand woman.

"Who said there was something weird going on with Liv and her dad?," Quinn said to Huck (Season 3's "Say Hello to My Little Friend"). "Who called that? I didn't expect B613 level weird, but still I was right. So I am more than just some crazy adrenaline junkie. I am interested in things but for the right reasons."

One gun range meeting later (Season 3's "Everything's Coming Up Mellie") and Quinn's "right reasons" went downhill. Even after Charlie set her up, Quinn ended up in bed with him again. But as everyone has learned with Charlie, he'll never be one for thank yous. Kinda makes a gladiator wonder what her real reason was for talking Huck out of killing Charlie (Season 2 "Any Questions?").

So what do you think? Did you like naive Quinn from Season 1 who was just eager to learn the game or Quinn the virtuoso?

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