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Innocence and Beauty Captured at One Year Old's Party


In our everyday lives we bustle by eachother on our way of completing our "to do" lists.  We don't tend to notice the everyday beauties and innocence that surrounds us.  It's there in plain sight though. 

One year old enjoys her party and the fact that so many loved ones are around.
April Gardikis / A Natural Slice Of Life Photography

  It is in the smile of a child's cake stained face.  It is in the activities that you do with a child.  It is in the little plastic bug that the child finds simply fascinating.  Everyday beauty is in the innocent glance over the shoulder as a snapshot is taken.  The beauty is in the smile on the child's face as they enjoy the sheer fact that you are spending time with them.  Beauty is everywhere, people just don't usually realize it is staring them right in the face. 

The images captured are from a one year old's birthday party.  And as it can be seen , the innocence and beauty was there in plain sight. One of the most powerful shots captured was that of a mother and daughters hands as they bragged about the daughter's new butterfly tattoo.  It's amazing how a temporary tattoo can portray so much love and happiness.


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