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Inner Voice vs. Inner Critic - Found Keys to Clarity

Found Your Lost Keys
Found Your Lost Keys
Helen Gordon

Knowledge of our powerful Voice has been blocked because the inner critic has sent us in search of what it claims is now lost. Nothing is lost, we have merely forgotten.

How often do we lose our keys? They were never lost...we just forgot where we placed them. They were right where we left them, sometimes right in our hand or pocket.

Ever notice how sometimes the moment we throw up our hands and give up the search, the keys appear as if by magic? That is a moment of total release, a letting go. Blockages can now be freely removed to see clearly. Most times, we are not even convinced the keys were truly right before us all the time. However, time is not used analyzing our oversight. We just pick up the keys and continue the task we had set out to do. When we decided to develop our spiritual awareness, we found those lost keys!

The gentle Voice provides all the keys to open the doors needed to achieve all we desire when we let go of those things that do not serve us. We learn to recognize and trust the guidance of our Voice. When the Voice chooses, it takes into consideration all components of life's big picture from start to finish.

With the Holy Spirit, all choices are made from Truth. When interpretations of life begin to come from Truth, nothing can permeate our peace; our whole world is redefined in joy. Response to things is guided by our Voice of inner knowing. With this wisdom, the inner critic's voice is silenced at will, and you are back in control of your life.