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Inner values to teach your pre-schooler

Honesty, trustworthiness, purity, and integrity are words which describe inner values.
When you are living them, you can feel it and so can your children. Children have an innate sense of honesty and fairness. Children are not attracted to bullying, and do not like to see anyone hurt. There is an deep sense of purity and integrity in young children.

To cultivate these values in your child, it is important to maintain your own mindfulness. Life will present abundant lessons to talk about. It is important to take these lessons seriously and to discuss them with your child.

When something occurs which is disturbing, help your child gain appropriate vocabulary to talk about it. If something is not fair, have your child describe what happened and then ask him questions about it. What did you see? How does that make you feel? Would you care if something like that happened to your friend? To you? What do you think the best thing is to do?

As you receive answers or impressions about the situation, listen carefully and attentively. You are watching the world take shape in your child’s mind. She will be drawing future conclusions based on what is happening to her right now at this young age.

He will watch your reactions, and evaluate how he is to live his own life based on what he sees you do. Are you careful about traffic lights? Do you follow the rules? Are you polite? Are you considerate of others?

Building our society happens in the little things. Then when we hear of scandals in business and social situations, we have a basis to direct out lives. We know, and we know that our children know, what is right and good. We have been sincere examples of honesty and integrity. We have a life-practice to demonstrate our values. And we can be assured that whatever happens in our child’s future life, there is a touchstone of honesty, trustworthiness, purity and integrity laid down every day right now.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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