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Inner Fire
Inner Fire
Inner Fire

INNER FIRE is a live musical show presenting only positive and empowering messages. These are discovered in the songs, visual arts, dance, pictures and speeches.

It is designed to entertain and educate, as well as to showcase upcoming and emerging new talents, including dancers, poets, new bands, singer songwriters and performers, that want to make a difference in the world. Between performances there are inspirational speakers who engage with the audience, sharing what has helped them to create a rewarding and fulfilling life.

The shows will be coming to Los Angeles and New York.

Here is the basic budget:

£27,000 needed funding will be used for producing:

40% - salaries of the production team: lighting engineer, sound engineer, stage manager, production manager, audio and video recording, house manager, show director
28% - speakers and artists fees (we want to be able to pay all the speakers and artists for their performance)
23% - venue hire
6% - publicity and design art work (posters, show's brochures, tickets printing, photographer, advertisement)
3% - security and box office

Perks include producing credits, VIP seats, CDs and more!

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