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INNER DEMONS premieres at the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival

INNER DEMONS premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Director Seth Grossman, Actress Lara Vosburgh, Actor Morgan McClellan
Dana Davidson

INNER DEMONS is directed by Seth Grossman, written by Glenn Gers, produced by Robin Schorr, and starring Lara Vosburgh and Morgan McClellan.

The setting, downtown Los Angeles on Friday the 13th. The city full of energy with the Los Angeles Kings vs NY Rangers Stanley cup Playoffs, combined with the Los Angeles Film Festival raging, as it does the first Friday of every festival year, for the last 20 years.

At the red carpet for INNER DEMONS, I was alerted that The Los Angeles Kings had won The 2014 Stanley Cup. What a great way to start the middle of my night. You might be wondering why this matters. As a native of Los Angeles, having The Kings make history yet again by winning the Stanley Cup is one memorable and important moment, combined with another, the 20 year anniversary of the Los Angeles Film Festival. That is enough to bring joy to any Los Angles native, and joy means inner beauty radiating from within.

As it was Friday the 13th, a favorite among horror fans, there wasn’t a better night to see, INNER DEMONS. A horror movie directed by Seth Grossman, about a girl who is possessed by a demon and manages her turmoil by turning goth and self-medicating via heroin and benzodiazepines. The mood was set, the theater packed to the brim, and the movie screened to a well receiving audience, to my happy surprise, myself included.

INNER DEMONS is a fun romp in horror that also has comedic value as the exploitative reality TV crew interacts with themselves and others. This sort of found footage movie has become popular in recent years. However, Seth Grossman has found a happy medium and a refreshing way of making it work.

Bonus, the camera work is well done, especially for the found footage reality TV horror sub-genre that has become popular among filmmakers. I believe his work on the A&E television series INTERVENTION helped him to make this movie come together nicely, as this type of subject matter can be very tricky, especially for a reality type possession horror movie with very human elements.

If you are religious and/or believe in demons then this movie will get you. If you don’t, there are still many parts that are enjoyable, as director Seth Grossman and his team, explore the interpersonal connections of the characters in this found footage reality style movie.

We follow the 16 year old Carson (Lara Vosburgh), who has fallen into heroin and benzodiazepine abuse. Her parents are at their wits end not knowing how to help her and having financial issues, meaning they are unable to afford rehab, resulting in them volunteering to be a part of a reality show about addiction to get her the help they think she needs. Little do they know she is actually possessed by a demon. Among the mostly exploitative camera crew who's goal is to dig around to find the root of her problem aka her inner most secrets for better entertainment value, is a young camera assistant named Jason (Morgan McClellan), who forms a bond with Carson.

Along the way we come to better understand Carson’s story, and that of those around her. I found the end of the movie rewarding, and the pay off well worth it. This is a story about a girl who is possessed by a demon, and her struggle with addiction and insanity, and self medication. If you like possession movies, you will enjoy INNER DEMONS.

Director Seth Grossman chose to focus more on telling a story about familial and interpersonal relationships, than over use of gore and other overt tactics, which leaves the ending to be a super fun ride, due to the lack of blood squirting everywhere the entire way through, as the rest of the movie wasn’t overly bloody, though the ending was excellent.

With great performances from all of the cast members, along with a fun story line, and being well shot, I have to say, all in all, INNER DEMONS is a movie worth seeing and hopefully soon will be coming to a theater, or screen of some sort, near you.

Interview with Director Seth Grossman and star Lara Vosburgh coming soon.

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