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Inmates must go back to wearing black-and-white jumpsuits for good reasons

According to NewsMax-TV on Tuesday, the sheriff in charge of inmates at the Saginaw County Jail in Michigan has decided to go back to having them wear the old uniforms. Inmates will trade their orange jumpsuits for the horizontal black-and-white stripes because of the popular Netflix "Orange Is the New Black."

Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel told The Saginaw News that all-orange jumpsuits are increasingly viewed as fashionable because of the popular television show. Federspiel said some people think it's cool to look like an inmate. People have been seen wearing all orange jumpsuits out at the mall and in other public places. This could definitely cause a problem when inmates go out on work release and come in contact with citizens wearing the same uniform as they are wearing. When the inmates and others are wearing all orange, the inmates will be difficult to spot.

Federspiel shared that he has even seen some people with 'Property of the Saginaw County Jail' written on the back of their orange jumpsuit. The sheriff has decided that the black-and-white stripes would be the best way to go because those color signify jail inmate more so than the orange jumpsuit. Beside, people are not likely to wear the black-and-white stripes. The sheriff insists that wearing orange jumpsuits in public is not cool because of what the uniform represent. Prison is not cool as the television show is trying to portray.

A Florida newspaper mentions that the inmates don’t approve of the black-and-white jumpsuits. However, the sheriff says they are in the best interest of the public. Federspiel responded by saying that if they don't want to wear the black-and-white jumpsuits, then don't come to jail.

The change will be done in phases and will be completed by the end of the year. During the transition, some inmates will continue to wear orange jumpsuits, and other inmates housed on different floors will wear another color. The black-and-white uniforms will not pose a budget problem for the jail because the cost will be $11.73 each, the same as the orange ones, and they are made of the same material and will last about two to three years.

Orange might be the new black in the Netflix movie but no longer in the Saginaw County Jail in Michigan.

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