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Inmates in Florida jails complain about cold kosher meals

A typical prison meal.
A typical prison meal.
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Inmates in Florida's prion system are getting fed up with the cold Kosher meals that are served three times a day.

According to the Orlando Sentinel on April 11, inmates are raising their complaint that the kosher meals are not only unhealthy, but they food just do not taste good. The kosher meals are available only to inmates who sign up for them, but they allege that the Florida Department of Corrections are creating the meals to either discourage inmates from signing up or punishing the inmates when they do.

Advocates for prison inmates argue that the disgusting kosher meals are not what a federal judge had in mind when she ordered last year to start serving the meals to inmates last year.

Up until March, the kosher meal option included such staples such as meatloaf, Salisbury steak and turkey cutlets. The DOC decided to revise the kosher meal option to strip out those food staples and said that the revision was necessary to cut cost while complying with the curt order.

Luke Goodrich, a deputy general counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty who sued the DOC last year for their lack of kosher offerings in the prison system, told the Sentinel:

"I would say that peanut butter, sardines and cabbage every day looks a lot like punishment."

At the same time inmates are complaining about the cold kosher meals, the DOC is trying to do away with a law the requires Florida prisons to to serve two hot meals each day.

The DOC says that it can manage its food service operations more efficiently and cut cost while still staying within the inmate nutrition mandate.

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